Health, Safety, Security & Environment

Our HSSE mind-set is at the heart of who we areWe take HSSE and Security requirements seriously and continually strive for zero harm to personnel, material and the environment. We design our products and services to ensure the safety of both you and our people. Working across the organization, we integrate HSSE principle in everything we do – every employee, every day.

Together, we work toward our goal of zero Total Recordable Incidents through

  • Reporting incidents, analysing them and sharing lessons learned
  • Training the workforce
  • Cultural awareness and understanding differences
  • Defining and measuring HSSE Key Performing Indicators
  • Holding everyone accountable for HSSE matters
  • Promoting a culture focusing on customer relations, open communication and cooperation
  • Analysing and assessing risks prior to performing work

We work to align our HSSE and Security work with international standards and guidelines.